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Our Mission

CJI promotes excellence, equity, impartiality, and public trust in Colorado’s courts through outreach, education, and engagement.

2024 Judicial Excellence Awards

Nominations Now Open!

Each year, the Colorado Judicial Institute proudly recognizes exceptional district court judges, county court judges, and magistrates from our state's trial courts. We invite you to be a part of this process by either nominating deserving judges and magistrates or by spreading the word about the Judicial Excellence Awards.

At CJI, we believe that acknowledging the dedication of our judiciary shines a light on our state’s unique judicial system. Your nominations play a pivotal role in ensuring that the efforts and contributions of these jurists are recognized and celebrated. Both nominations and the identities of nominators are held in the strictest confidence.

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Testimonials About CJI

  • Randell, President, Future Image Group
    Randell, President, Future Image Group

    CJI's work to preserve and defend the impartiality and integrity of Colorado's judiciary is so important. CJI has become my primary philanthropic interest and my commitment is real. Please join us.

  • Don Samuels, CJI board chair
    Don Samuels, CJI board chair

    The best way to support Colorado's judiciary as a whole is through an organization like CJI.

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