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Funding Guidelines

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Please read these guidelines carefully. If you have any questions, please contact Cynthia Ophaug‐Johansen, CJI Director of Marketing & Administration, at 303‐766‐7501 or by email at


CJI accepts requests for judicial education funding year round.  However, please submit your application at least six  weeks before your date of travel.   

CJI works closely with the Colorado State Court Administrator’s (SCAO) Education Director to ensure CJI is assisting the Colorado Judicial Branch in achieving its educational goals. If your departments falls under the direction of the SCAO’s Education Director, please notify the Education Director of your intent prior to your submittal. Upon receipt of your application, the SCAO’s Education Director will be asked to provide a letter of support, if one is not already included in your application materials. If your  department does not fall under the direction the SCAO’s Education Director, please include a letter of support from your supervisor. ALL FUNDING REQUESTS MUST COME FROM THE COLORADO JUDICIAL BRANCH.  

Funds must be used in the direct pursuit of education and/or training by or for members of the judiciary, employees of the State Court Administrator’s Office, or others employed by the Colorado Judicial Department.  Acceptable funding requests include:

  • Support of conferences, seminars and training to benefit the Colorado Judicial Department. 
  • Registration/conference fees for classes and/or seminars; classes or seminars should be offered through established institutions or training facilities. 
  • Hardware, software, textbooks, CDs, or DVDs of any conference materials.  
  • Speaker fees: Speakers should be recognized as specialists in a particular field or program whose knowledge/presentation will address an identified need or priority. 

Individuals requesting funding scholarships are eligible to receive funds only once in any 12‐month period.  The frequency in which an individual has received funding may also be a consideration. 

The following requests will NOT be considered for funding unless approved by SCAO’s Education Director: 

  • More than one individual from the same judicial district requesting to attend the same training/educational program at the same time.  
  • Any requests which require travel outside the continental United States.
  • Travel: this applies to airfare, mileage, ground transfers, and/or cab fare. 
  • Lodging accommodations. 
  • Food, drink, meeting room charges or entertainment, outside the conference or registration fee.  
  • Parking, either overnight or valet.  

These guidelines are meant to be instructional and helpful; CJI has the discretion to make exceptions to the above.

Once you submit an electronic application, you will receive confirmation that CJI has received your request.   

All funding requests must be submitted digitally on CJI's website.

Revised September 20, 2018