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Strategic Plan

Business strategy jigsaw puzzle

CJI is currently working on its official strategic plan for 2023-2026. Details to be posted here when available. 

Meanwhile, these draft strategic goals guide CJI's current work:

  • Champion the value of Colorado's courts and judges.

    Position CJI as an influential thought leader and community resource promoting excellence, equity, impartiality, and public trust in Colorado's courts.

  • Grow CJI's community and capacity.

    Enhance CJI's value proposition to attract more supporters and build community engagement across Colorado. Secure revenue generating partnerships and relationships that help fund CJI's work and ensure its financial health.

  • Provide relevant high-quality education about Colorado's courts.

    Create varied learning opportunities appropriate for CJI’s diverse communities. Support judicial education that helps develop a cadre of highly qualified, impartial, and humane judges across Colorado.

  • Promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and access.

    Create a diverse, inclusive, and accessible environment for all CJI supporters, partners, and staff. Establish relationships that broaden our access to diverse communities and perspectives. Support work to ensure Colorado's courts reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.