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CJI Statement About the Russia-Ukraine War

Brick wall is painted yellow and blue in the colors of the Ukrainian national flag, with a red heart in the middle

The Colorado Judicial Institute and its Young Professionals Committee are very concerned with the current situation in Ukraine and condemn the unconscionable acts and policies of the current Russian government in the strongest words possible.

As an organization that seeks protect and defend non-partisan courts and engender the public’s trust in the judicial system, we feel compelled to speak out against the Russian government’s violations of international law and resort to violence rather than diplomacy and judicial resolution of its dispute with Ukraine.

Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine and the families globally who have been impacted by this atrocity. This war has had a devastating impact on Ukraine and the destruction and displacement will be felt for generations to come. It is up to us, as a global community, and as concerned individuals, to offer support and aid to those affected most.

We commend the numerous organizations working tirelessly to provide aid to both the refugees and those who remain in Ukraine to fight.

If you have the means to contribute, we encourage donations to the following groups: